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Tamper-Evident Labels & Tape

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Our wide range of fully customizable tamper evident security tape and labels provide industries with peace of mind that their consignments arrive at their intended destinations with clear indication if any tampering has occurred, all aspects are customizable from the void messages, logo and company name design right down to size, shape and color.

Tamper-Evident Labels - Partial Transfer

PT Tamper Evident Security Labels are suitable for Tamper Evidence Bags and Boxes, Security Envelopes, Metal, Glass or Plastic Containers, Packing Cartons, Coin Bags, Cash Boxes, Meters and Valves, Pallet Stretch or Shrink Films, Coated Paper Boxes, Plastic Bags or Poly Bags.

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Tamper-Evident Labels - Total Transfer

TT Tamper Evident Security Labels are suitable for use with Corrugated Card Boxes, Security Envelopes, Wooden Crates and Coated Paper Boxes.

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Non-Transfer Security Labels

NT Tamper Evident Security Labels are suitable for use with Coin boxes; ATM cartridges; Airline Doors / Compartments; Motor Vehicle Doors / Compartments; Food and Beverage Containers; First Aid Boxes; Meters and Valves; Metal, Plastic or Glass containers.

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Tamper-Evident Box Tape

Tamper Evident Security Tape is made with highly visible printing on the top surface as a warning to pilferage. The Security Tape provides a clear ‘VOID’ message on the application when it has been tampered with. Our Security Tape is cold resistant to -40 Degrees, Celsius and is impossible to re-seal once lifted from the surface. Our Security Tape will ensure your packaging meets TSA regulations.

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