Mega Fortris South Africa Pty Ltd. is operational and available to supply any business deemed an essential service in terms of The Disaster Management Act.


Securing the Global Supply Chain

Mega Fortris opened the doors to its South African office in Centurion in late 2013 with a plan to focus on extending its footprint into the African continent. Mega Fortris South Africa (Pty) Ltd strives to deliver excellent customer service and provides local support to customers with a need for protection, prevention and peace of mind through our regional office in South Africa as well as our astute list of distributors across the African continent.

At Mega Fortris South Africa there are two really big areas we focus on, the first being the ability to provide our customers around the world and in South Africa with a product that suits their exact needs including fully customizable printing options, superior quality seals, Competitive pricing and products tailor-made to suit all industries across the globe. The second area is our focus on providing such excellent customer service it makes our customers go “wow if only more SA businesses were like this” These two core focuses are among many that have led the Mega Fortris Group in becoming one of the top Security Seal suppliers in the World. Passion is non-negotiable amongst our staff, the way we conduct our business is not just “another day at the office” It’s a way of life, It’s what we do and it’s who we are, From a customer purchasing a carton of seals a month to large companies buying seals in the hundreds of thousands, it doesn’t faze us, each customer is provided with nothing but the best service you could possibly find, pretty brave statement right? Well, that’s how confident we are in making our customers feel that they are dealing with a truly unique company.

Mega Fortris South Africa is a subsidiary of our Holding company in Malaysia who currently manufacture our products, offers our customers the assurance that they are dealing directly with the Supplier and not a 3rd party company or a reseller which makes us a truly unique company in the South African seal industry.

Our promise is this, give us the opportunity to improve your business’s security and integrity and we’ll give you a quality product, superior customer service and pricing so competitive it will make you go “wow if only more SA businesses were like this”


Wesley Rousseau
Managing Director

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