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Lashing Systems

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Woven Strapping

Strong and lightweight, polyester strapping is as strong as steel, yet six times lighter. Being soft and flexible it’s kind to your product and your hands and can be re-tensioned and re-used.

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Woven Lashing

Container Lashing Systems facilitate the fast and effective load securing of goods in containers. The goods are protected against damage and slipping during transport when opening the container doors.

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Composite Strapping

Strapping provides an efficient load securing solution for a wide variety of applications. Strapping is our co-extruded polyester strapping made from high tenacity polyester fibre materials.

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Hot Melt Strapping

Hot Melt Strapping can be used for the Chemical Industry, Palletization, Engineering, Container Shipping and Pallet Shipping.

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Wire Buckles

In combination with strapping bands and lashing straps our buckles, hooks, and fasteners provide the highest reliability for load securing.

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Metal Buckles

Made from one solid metal piece without any weld points allowing for maximum strength. This method of manufacturing allows for additional strength as there are no weld points at which the buckles can break under heavy force.

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Edge Protectors

Edge Protectors are in many cases a supportive solution to protect and reinforce goods by supporting the lashing and strapping being used. Edge protector’s offer economical cargo protection, as they can be reused several times for the same applications, whether loading on trucks or inside containers.

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Lashing Tensioners have been manufactured to the highest standards using the best quality materials. This Tensioner provides high-tension strength allowing for a more secure load.

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Strap Dispenser

The dispenser consists of a rugged construction that is suitable for the high demands of modern logistics processes. Our strap dispenser is equipped with two metal side windows and a band brake. The metal side plates prevent lateral slipping of the strap, while the band brake reduces the run of the coil.

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