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Mega Fortris - High barrier Security Seal:

The Mega Lock from Mega Fortris South Africa provides the proven security features and strength of the Cable Lock seal (MCL250) and the klicker bolt seal. Both these seals are used individually worldwide to protect high valuable goods during transport in containers and trucks.The Mega Lock boasts a combination of solid materials: rust proof aluminium body, a strong steel cable combined with a mild steel bolt and barrel moulded with high impact ABS. The synergy between the strong materials and an innovative tamper evident design makes the Mega Lock uniquely secure.The Mega Lock consists of the Klicker seal which complies to the ISO/DIS 17712.2 Standard as a high security seal. Be assured of better security with our innovative use of materials and industrial design.

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Double Barrier Security Seals from Mega Fortris South Africa

  1. The 2 self-locking mechanisms are easily locked by hand. 
  2. The Mega Lock can only be removed by a strong cutter. It takes two cuts to open the Mega Lock seal. 
  3. The Mega Lock can be colour coded to suit individual requirements. The cable locking body can be anodized in 5 standard colours and the bolt seal is moulded with high impact ABS in a range of 5 different colours. 
  4. Customized marking is etched on the two locking bodies with permanent laser technology. Identical serial numbers, logo and bar codes can be marked on all three parts of the seal if required. 
  5. The Mega Lock is also known as the “synergy seal”. The solid combination of two proven barrier seals provides higher security than when the seals are used separately.

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