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Aspects of a Good Security Seal

security sealMega Fortris Group has been manufacturing security seals for over 40 years and has worked with many leaders in various industries. So in a nutshell we know how to make them and what makes a good plastic seal. As experienced manufacturers we believe there are three main aspects which make a good plastic Security Seal.
Choosing the right one is a challenge and an uphill struggle for all transport or operations managers.

1. Quality – It sounds a little cliché, but read on and you will see our point. So quality doesn't just mean the quality of the seal or now neat and tidy it looks. Quality is the type of plastic we use to manufacture the seals.
Mega Fortris use Polypropylene and Nylon material plastic to manufacture the seals. This allows the plastic seal to have a high pull strength to secure against attacks, yet it's flexible about to allow easy use and locking of the seal.

2. Locking Mechanism – Most of our plastic seals have metal locking mechanism to ensure the plastic seal has high pull strength.
Furthermore a metal locking system prevents boiling water attacks and freeze attacks. This allows for a better and stronger plastic seal to ensure the security of your valued goods.

3. Diversification – As we mentioned above we work with many organisations and many industries; all with different requirements and applications.
This is why we manufacture our security seals to enable them to be used on various application types. This allows the user to use the same type of plastic security seal on more than one application in the same business.

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