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Flexible Indicative Security Seals from your Security Seal Supplier South Africa

It is applicable to most locking scenarios and is versatile enough to make the seal an effective tagging seal for transporters and retailers. Standard markings on the Fort Flex seal include serialnumber, customer name / logo. A variation of bar codes can also be etched on with laser technology. The Fort Flex security seal of Mega Fortris South Africa is an ideal security seal for all tagging and quick-locking requirements. The seal’s thin and flexible strap is perfect for light security applications such as tagging of clothes, plants, fire extinguishers and cable-tie replacements.

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Economical security seal with tear off function

  1. Mega Fortris South AfricaThe Fort Flex from Mega Fortris is etched with permanent Laser Cut Seals marking or by hot foil color marking. Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed and replaced.
  2. The Security Sseal is designed with Tear Off function for easy removal by hand.
  3. The slim tail makes this seal easy to apply to almost all small applications. Ideal for small apertures.
  4. The strap of these Security Seals from Megafortris is designed so it prevents accidental reverse locking.
  5. The large marking flap caters for logos, text, serial numbers and barcodes.
  6. Ideal for sealing catering / airline trolleys.

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