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Unique cash box Indicative Security Seals

The Uni Security Seal has been designed specially to secure the contents of cash boxes and drums. These Security Seals from Mega Fortris sits tightly when applied and is therefore very useful for applications like coin boxes that fit into a public phone.

 Indicative Security Seals

Be assured of the Mega Fortris South Africa best security solution and innovative use of security materials and industrial design.

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Unique tamper evident security seal for cash boxes and drums

  1. The Uni security seal features a clear "Inspection Window" on the head of the seal that makes the locking mechanism easily accessible for visual inspection of tampering or manipulation.
  2. The Uni security seals has a double locking mechanism for added security.
  3. The locking mechanism is made of the flexible PP material and the body is moulded from high impact ABS material.
  4. The Inspection Window is ultrasonically welded onto the seal, so it cannot be removed without showing very clear evidence of tampering.
  5. Megafortris provides a Uni Seal which is etched with permanent Laser Cut Seals marking on both parts, which prevents part replacement.

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