Triple Lock Casino Seal

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A Secured Security Seals Solution

This Triple Lock Casino Security Seal from Megafortris is designed for the sealing of plastic containers / vaults and bag chambers. These Container security seals and bags are generally used in the Casino Financial Services & Banking, Retail and Police Sectors. With Mega Fortris South Africa , you van be assured of the best security with our innovative use of Security Materials and industrial design. 

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Indicative Security Seals

Tamper evident vault Security Seal

  1. The Triple Lock Casino Seal from Mega Fortris is quick and convenient to apply, and can be removed manually without a cutting tool.
  2. The Triple Lock Casino security seal as the name implies features a triple locking mechanism for greater security and tamper-resistance.
  3. Triple Lock Casino security seals are etched with permanent laser marking for name, logo, sequential numbers, and barcode.
  4. The white marking flap of these Indicative Security Seals are permanently affix to the body via a Ultrasonic welding process.

Security Cable Seals

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