Mega Dri desiccants from Mega Fortris prevent moisture and container rain damage to valuable goods. Mega Dri uses natural bentonite clay with calcium chloride to produce an Activated Clay Desiccant.

Mega Fortris South Africa provides the Mega Dri, packed in non-woven Tyvek bags . The bags are extremely strong and perfectly suited for use as Cargo Desiccant. Standard bag sizes are 2kg & 1kg with plastic hanging hooks for use as container desiccant + 500grm & 250grm bags for pallet or unitized cargo desiccant.

Typical moisture absorption capacity is >200% at 300C and Relative Humidity of 90%.

  1. Canned Goods
  2. Wood Paper products
  3. Glass & Metals
  4. Machines & Auto Parts
  5. Electronic Equipment
  6. Photographic Equipment
  7. Aviation Equipment
  8. Medical & Diagnostic Equipment

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