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The Mega Container Lashing from Mega Fortris is a perfect solution for fast and cost effective load securing of containerised cargo.

  1. A superior alternative to costly and time consuming wooden
  2. Dunnage
  3. Environmentally friendly alternative to using wooden dunnage
  4. Eliminates cargo damage.
  5. Soft and safe to use + easy to apply.

Because the optimal lashing to be used highly depends on the applications and local conditions, our team of international experts will be pleased to assist and advise you on the appropriate products for your application. We are the leading Cargo Seals Supplier in South Africa.

Mega Fortris South Africa would like to remind you to use the hooks to attach the horizontal belts to the inner *lashing points of both inner walls of the container (1-2 feet inside the container). Total 4 belts, each with one hook.

*Check to make sure the lashing points are in good condition

cargo seals suppliers

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